Conversion Course Now Available

7th January 2021




As a snowsports instructor of 20 years, it really saddens me to read the panicked reports from BASI qualified instructors concerned with the validity of their hard earned and expensively financed qualifications. I’ve heard reports of people so desperate of validation that they have paid French legal representatives in the hope of some sort of resolution with nothing forthcoming; I’ve spoken to those eagerly awaiting answers from an association which, so far they say, has not been proactive in helping quell a wave of concern; I’ve even spoken with some deeply disappointed people who have just abandoned all hope of working in Europe, let alone of simply finishing the qualification journey they started – this last point is possibly the saddest one!

In our company’s history, we have worked with 100’s of instructors from across the globe qualified through multiple federations – Snowsport Austria (ÖSSV), BASI, CSIA, NZSIA, ISIA (the list goes on). In that time, one thing has been made painfully clear: no single federation can guarantee a great instructor! Great instructors are simply those who combine knowledge, communication and motivation to deliver excellent lessons; it saddens me to think the world may be losing 100’s of gifted and highly motivated instructors because of simple politics.
So what are we doing to help? Well, we have decided to answer the call and are now able to provide anyone in this position, the opportunity to take a simple conversion course to match their current qualification thus allowing them to continue training and crucially working in Europe.

So what's included?

Airport Transfers from Salzburg or Munich
Self Catering Accommodation for the duration of your course
Lift Card for Pre-Course Training & Instructor Course / Exam (Season Liftcard)
Pre-Course Training
Snowsport Austria Instructor Conversion Course (Equivalent to BASI Level 1 & 2)
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